What We Do

At Royal World Group, we thrive on providing quality products to satisfy our customers. With a brand new, state of the art facility in Dubai, UAE, we are equipped to match our customers’ needs. Built on the fundamental ideas of quality and efficiency, RWGM can supply customers with in-time, high quality glass products at cost-effective prices. Our efficiency allows us to serve a wide array of customers and projects. We have the cost-effective processes to provide smaller projects with financially viable prices. We also have the high volume and quality output to support large construction projects. With our new facility, we have the machinery to provide a full-range of processes for both interior and exterior aluminium & glass of all complexities. We are also engaged in strategic partnerships to ensure that we can go above and beyond any need of our customers. We are certified glass processor for market-leading glass producers such as Emirates Glass, Saint Gobbain and Guardian, RWGM has a strong and documented track record to support our clients. Holding ISO certificates (9001 and 14000), we also adhere to the highest global quality and environmental standards.

Glass Processing

Full service glass processing factory with state of the art machinery. The factory has large scale output and can provide the widest array of glass works for both interior use and facades.

Aluminium and steel

State of the art Aluminium processing plant that can manage both large-scale mass production as well as finer jobs dor interior decor. All machinery are automated to ensure preciseness.

interior fitout

Utilizing the capability of both the glass and aluminium factories, RWD can truly give the A-Z service that modern day clients require. This unique ability makes RWD truly a market leader.

Key Features

    Monolithic glass Flat
    Monolithic glass Bent
    Insulated glass Flat
    Insulated glass Bent
    Opacified Glass

Key Features

    Curtain Walls
    Composite Cladding
    Louvre Screen & Doors
    Canopy & Pergolas

Key Features

    Decorative Mirrors
    Decorative Bent glass
    Shower Enclosures
    Office Partitions